The Eich Controversy

The resignation of Brendan Eich as CEO of the Mozilla Corporation is a very exciting development—possibly the most significant political event of the last few years.

It will not do to get upset by it. The mainstream right can get upset, because it demonstrates their irrelevance, but Improprietary Influence is not a mainstream right-wing blog. It is a neoreactionary blog. Sure, what we are looking at is McCarthyism, but as the excellent neoreactionary site Theden will tell you, McCarthy was right. Bringing McCarthyism back into American politics is an extremely positive step.

Take a deep breath, calm your mind, and try to work out what it is that has you so upset. The democratic process requires that issues be debated openly, and that individuals feel able to participate in a life of civic engagement without fear of retribution. That would be a big deal perhaps, for people who don’t want to abolish the democratic process and destroy it as a political ideal for a thousand years. A majority opinion has been demonised, and forcefully driven out of the culture by a highly-motivated minority. That would be shocking, for people who think the opinion of the majority is worth paying attention to, and that culture should be allowed to drift in any direction without elite guidance.

For people who don’t respect the democratic process or the opinion of the majority, this drama provides an invaluable precedent and an encouraging demonstration. “Equal Marriage” is, by comparison, an irrelevance. The progressives are not, by this stage, trying to kill off traditional marriage. Traditional marriage has been dead for decades—what the progressives are doing today is pissing on its grave: distasteful, but not doing any real damage.

The job now is not to whine about the Mozilla Corporation, it is to go to town. The old, silly, idea, that Joe Shmo should respect and tolerate people in his community who are actively involved in trying to harm Joe’s interests through the political process, out of some kind of democratic fair play, is dead, and good riddance to it. If that firm downtown is donating to a party that wants to raise your taxes, then boycott it, picket it, shout abuse at its workers as they get out of their cars. Family across the road puts up a poster for a politician who wants to favour members of his race over yours in the university system? Write to all your friends, telling them what a bad person he is. Put up posters of your own, suggesting he find somewhere else to live. Ask if he’s really the sort of person who ought to have a job when better people don’t.

If ordinary decent people were to follow these same tactics used by the left against Eich, then the domination of society by a bunch of puritan-progressive extremists would be ended.

Did anyone believe that last line? Probably not: I was joking. Of course, “ordinary decent people” cannot possibly win that battle; they will get their arses kicked. They should do it anyway. It’s the next important step.

The progressives cannot be beaten until the people are ready to acquiesce under a non-democratic government. That cannot happen today—democracy is still believed in, and any non-democratic state at all would face Maidan-style street warfare, of a kind that a new government, without tradition and cultural roots, would not be able to overcome.

Democracy will be discredited eventually, when its effectiveness drops below the minimum necessary level—when it ceases to govern at all. That might well be too late to salvage very much of our civilisation. The way to discredit it sooner is to open up the lies and contradictions at its heart. Proving that a leftist establishment actually rules, and that a mere majority has no tools with which to overcome it, is the way to do that.


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