Building Theory

The theory of neoreaction has been built up mostly in the form of blogs. Kicked off at Unqualified Reservation, others such as Foseti picked up and expanded on the ideas.

Blogging works well because the conversational aspect provides a stimulus, while the archives provide for some accumulation of thought. However, while not as transient as twitter or irc, blog archives decay into contextless and disorganised masses of information.

A more solid representation of theory is books. Mike Anissimov has started down this road with his Critique of Democracy, and Bruce Laliberte previously expounded his neoreactionary–theological synthesis in a similar form.

That is almost certainly where we want to end up. But in most areas, I think we are not ready for that. We are still building theory, and we need to be dynamic and at the same time organised in our output.

To start the ball rolling, I have begun a page on the question of Fertility. This was triggered, obviously, by the recent post at Outside In examining the question more critically than usual, and my most recent post in response. The aim, however, is to be a live summary of relevant thought on the issue.

At present it is nothing but a statement of the obvious and a bunch of links. I would like to expand it into a thorough map of neoreactionary thought concerning the issue, retaining the links but foregrounding the content. The idea is that one could look at that page and see what views exist on the subject and what the open questions are.

The wordpress-page format is a quick start. One could imagine migrating to a limited-author wiki at some point, although there could be a case for a single editor authority. It will do for now, anyway. I will endeavour to fairly represent the relevant writings, and hope for criticism. My only authority for acting as curator in this way is that I think it’s worth doing; and ultimately the only sensible reaction if I do it badly is for someone else to do it better. I picked this subject not because it is central, but because it is important and yet not central; if someone with more reputation in the community wants to try the same approach with a larger, more central issue, that would would be ideal.

That link again: Fertility



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