I’m throwing in one extra possibility on the Fertility issue. That is that maybe demographic decline doesn’t really matter.

European civilisation has a decline in its native population. The problems which flow from that are:

  1. Its culture gets diluted and damaged by immigrants
  2. It gets outvoted by immigrants at elections
  3. It lacks raw manpower for economic and military competition
  4. Its gene pool gets weakened by more breeding in of inferior stock

Of those, the first two are clear and present dangers. But reversing demographic decline is obviously not the only solution. Abolishing democracy and establishing European culture as socially and legally privileged seem likely to work too.

As for 3, how much does raw manpower really matter, against technology and efficient economic organisation? Aren’t we all worried about how to find jobs for everybody? Innovate, automate, and 40 million White British would be more than capable of controlling Africa and South Asia again if they wanted to, never mind what 200 million White Americans could manage.

As for racial purity, I accept the possibility of dysgenic breeding, but again, in the context of a culture in which honesty and achievement are valued, I am not convinced we would see any real issue in the short to medium term. The dysgenic effects of a culture favouring parasites and thieves of all races outweigh any other considerations.

Demographic decline is a pressing problem in the context of democracy and crap economics, but democracy and crap economics are pressing problems with or without demographic decline. Maybe in the short term it just shouldn’t be the priority?


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