The future belongs to those who show up.

The most technically advanced and economically productive societies do not produce enough babies to maintain themselves. Some of them fill the gap with immigration, but that has political, social, and (arguably) genetic effects which are harmful.

The causes of, and possible remedies for, this problem are many and unclear.

The traditionalist attitude to the issue is that men should marry women and women should not normally go out to work. The techno-commercialist worries whether this is economically desirable.



  • China attempts to encourage families — 1irradiatedwatson,
  • Husbands given authority over wives by accident — Jim etc
  • Mormonism — Hail to You
  • Manage with a smaller population by automation — me
  • Abolish “going to work” so mothers can work while mothering — me , Dampier
  • Monetary incentives would need to be of the order of several million dollars — Yuray @SocialMatter

General Discussion

Relevant Links Elsewhere

  • Silicon Valley companies freeze employees’ eggs — The Register

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